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Living Water Lutheran Church exists to be a gift to our community and the world by:



in Christ

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EXPECT MIRACLES! And believe YOU are one!

83 Bluff Point Road, Kilmarnock, Virginia 22482
P.O. Box 818, Kilmarnock, VA 22482

 Because of COVID-19, worship services are cancelled until further notice.


Living Water Lutheran Church
Worship Service on Sunday at 10:00 AM
Fellowship Coffee Hour at 11:00 AM

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April Worship Schedule

September 6 — 10:00 AM TBD
September 13 — 10:00 AM TBD
September 20  — 10:00 AM TBD
September 27 — 10:00 AM TBD

Please come join us for worship and fellowship.
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Pastor Bob Maier

Asst Pastor Judy Thomson


Virginia Synod Newsletter 


 Living Water Lutheran Church Mission Statement and Values

Living water Lutheran Church is a caring Christian community called to spread the Gospel and bring others to Christ by sharing His love through prayer, thanksgiving, service, and fellowship.  Gathered around Word and Sacrament, we believe that we are unified by God's grace, empowered by the Holy Spirit and saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.



Each week, Janet Smith prepares two extra copies of the liturgy “script.” These “scripts”—which also are given to the Pastor of the day—include all the spoken and sung elements of our Lutheran worship service in one document. If you notice a visitor who is having difficulty navigating among the hymnal, the bulletin, and the seasonal sheet in the chair pockets, please offer the visitor a copy. These “scripts” may be found on the table in the narthex, along with the weekly bulletin.


Two weighty matters face the congregation and the Council of Living Water Lutheran Church: When and how should we approach a return to in-person worship? Where can we worship if the Mission Investment Fund (MIF) puts our building up for sale in January 2021 and it sells? 
Council President John Bowden and Pastor Bob Maier have been in conversation about these matters. As you know, Living Water’s Constitution grants the Council President considerable authority to initiate actions in matters of church administration.
With regard to face-to-face worship, John’s main concern is the health of our congregation. Monitoring the spread of COVID-19 on the Northern Neck is his focus right now. Becky Bowden, John’s wife, a Nurse Practitioner working in a practice in Lancaster County, has been providing this information. (Thanks, Becky!) Lancaster and Northumberland do not have high numbers of cumulative coronavirus cases, relative to other parts of the country, but the number of new cases added in the past several weeks has increased.
John soon will be querying the Council members for their thoughts as to when they feel they themselves, as well as the congregation, would feel and be safe in returning to in-person worship. He also wants to hear their ideas about the logistics and safety practices that would be involved in returning to in-person worship. The congregation, of course, will be informed (by email) about the Council’s decision.
With regard to where Living Water might worship in the future, John is hoping to have a face-to-face congregational meeting in the fall if the coronavirus is controlled and it would be safe to meet. Until such time as a congregational meeting is held, either in person or virtually, the Council will be in conversation about the topic. 
So, for the short term, emailed weekly devotions will continue. The pastoral and Council leaders feel that, given the average age and health status of the congregation, and the current status of the pandemic, we are worshiping in the safest way possible.


Pastor Bob and Pastor Judy will maintain contact with the members of the congregation, but please know that you are welcome to reach out of them. Pastor Bob: pbnjmaier@gmail.com and 804-229-0822. Pastor Judy:  thomsonjudy@gmail.com and 804-725-6743.


 Please remember that you are encouraged to send your offering envelopes and any other contributions to the church to: Living Water Lutheran Church, P.O. Box 818, Kilmarnock, VA  22482. Thank you for continuing your support.



Mindful that “empowered by the Spirit of God, we are to touch lives with Christian love,” Living Water’s Prison Ministry currently is offering outreach and support to former member Kristi Brandom. Our thanks go to Mary Simonovich for heading up this ministry.
There are strict rules for corresponding with someone in the jail where Kristi currently resides. They must be followed exactly, or the correspondence will be returned to the sender. Mary notes the following:

  • The mailing address must be written exactly like this:

Kristi Brandom, T558028
Maricopa County Lower Buckeye Jail
3250 West Lower Buckeye Road
Phoenix, AZ  85009

  • Only postcards may be sent. The postcard must not have been tampered with or contain inappropriate images (that  is, those that are obscene or violent). The minimum size for a postcard is 3.5” x 4.25”, and the maximum size is 4.25” x 6.0”.
  • The ink color can be only black or blue.
  • The return address must be placed in the top left corner of the postcard. It must contain the sender’s first and last names, and address. No labels are permitted. Failure to provide a full, hand-written or hand-printed return address will result in the postcard being rejected.

Kristi welcomes postcards from Living Water and even has responded to a few who have sent her cards. Mary has prepared a schedule (which may be found on the Information Table in the sanctuary) that allows Kristi to receive cards on a steady basis, so please consider signing up. However, anyone may send a card at any time.


Living Water maintains a Prayer List of persons both in, and outside of, our congregation who are facing difficulties. The Prayer List is posted on a bulletin board at the back of the sanctuary, and is included in the Sunday bulletin on the first Sunday of the month. Members of the congregation are urged to keep these persons in their prayers. To have someone’s name placed on the Prayer List, simply give the name to Janet Smith. If you have placed someone’s name on the List, and there comes a time when the person’s circumstances have changed such that he or she no longer needs to be listed, kindly ask Janet to remove the name so that the List remains accurate. Thank you. 

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