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EXPECT MIRACLES! And believe YOU are one!

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Living Water Lutheran Church
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July Worship Schedule

July 4 — Pastor Judy
July 11 — Pastor Bruce                                     
July 18 — Pastor Judy                                                      
July 25 — Pastor Bruce

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Pastor Bruce Burslie

Asst Pastor Judy Thomson


Virginia Synod Newsletter 


 Living Water Lutheran Church Mission Statement and Values

Living water Lutheran Church is a caring Christian community called to spread the Gospel and bring others to Christ by sharing His love through prayer, thanksgiving, service, and fellowship.  Gathered around Word and Sacrament, we believe that we are unified by God's grace, empowered by the Holy Spirit and saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.



What a joy it is that COVID-19 vaccines have made it possible for us to return to so many “normal” routines in our lives, not least of which is worshiping inside a church, “live” and not virtually.

If you’ve been vaccinated, you don’t need to wear a mask, but socially-distanced seating is requested. Passing of the peace with a handshake is OK, but a quick squirt of hand sanitizer from the bottles placed around the sanctuary never hurts. We will continue using the communion packets for the immediate future. 

We will resume using the Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal. Accompaniment will be provided with recorded piano music on the clavinova and recorded organ music on a thumb drive given to us by Judy Tucker and Cliff Greve. Our newly-redesigned bulletin, that Pastor Bruce, Pastor Judy, and Janet Smith have been working on, will contain in one document everything worshipers need to participate in the service, with the exception of hymns. Service music will be included in the bulletin, and for now this music will be the music we have used in the past that is recorded on the clavinova.   


To the Living Water Congregation:

I would like to give you an update on where we stand with regard to property-related matters. Following the congregational meeting on May 16, Council held its regular monthly meeting on June 3. We reflected on the congregational meeting, and decided to take two follow-up actions.

One action was to schedule a “test drive” worship service at Campbell Memorial Presbyterian Church. This service took place on June 13. There were 32 persons in attendance, including four persons from Campbell.

The second action was for me to contact the Mission Investment Fund (MIF) and pose two questions: 1) Would you reduce the proposed purchase price of the building (from $375,000) and 2) Would you allow us to lease (rent) the building from you? I have submitted the questions. We await the answers following MIF’s next monthly board meeting. I expect the answers to both questions will be “No.”

Meanwhile, Treasurer Cathy Heacock is waiting for end-of-the-month financial statements (June 30). Shortly thereafter, Cathy will share with the congregation a simple financial status report for 2019, 2020, and 2021 through June, showing income and expenses and assets/savings. Look for that to be sent by email early in July.

Council next meets on July 11, at which time we will bring to the table all the information we have to date and decide on a recommendation for the congregation. If a date for a congregational meeting has not already been set, we will schedule one at that meeting.

Thank you for your support.

John C. Bowden III
Council President


The Women’s Bible Study group will be meeting on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. The group meets from 2:00 to 3:30 PM at Therese Horwath’s home (878 Beane’s Road, Heathsville).  The book currently being read is, The Power of a Woman’s Words, by Sharon Jaynes.  All women are welcome. Questions? Call Carol Adams at 580-2428 or email her at brucead45@gmail.com.


May 21, 2021

To the Pastors and Living Water Lutheran Church Members:

It is with heavy hearts we are asking our membership to be transferred from Living Water to the United Methodist Church in Kilmarnock, VA. We will miss you, but are looking forward to being in church with our daughters.

We wish to thank the Pastors and our dear friends at Living Water for their prayers, love, and concern. You were always there when we needed you. Our prayers and thoughts will remain with you.

May God bless you,
Ed and Marlene Gates


If for any reason lack of transportation is keeping you from attending worship services or other Living Water events, please do not quietly stay away! Please let Pastor Judy know of your need. There are members of the congregation willing to give a ride to a friend.


Pastor Judy will maintain contact with the members of the congregation, but please know that you are welcome to reach out of her. Pastor Judy:  thomsonjudy@gmail.com and 804-725-6743. 


Mission Committee chairperson Nancy Mower reminds us that currently we are collecting canned foods and non-perishable items for the Food Bank. You may leave your contributions in the bin at the back of the sanctuary at any time—during the week or when you come for Sunday worship. The Simonoviches, who live in Tappahannock, have kindly offered to routinely deliver the food items to the Food Bank at its Warsaw location.


Judy Tucker recently used a creative approach to do some ecumenical mission work. Having heard a presentation on Little Free Libraries at a meeting of a philanthropic organization of which she is a member, Judy was inspired to set one up in her home town of Farnham. The speaker was from St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Kilmarnock, which administers an LFL program in Lancaster and Northumberland Counties—a territory that, thanks to Judy, now extends to Richmond County.

Judy applied for and received an ELCA Thrivent grant. The money will be used for the building materials her husband, Cliff Greve, will use to construct a little library. The LFL will be located near the Dollar General on Route 3 in Farnham. Judy says that she will be responsible for stocking this little library with books and for its general upkeep, as part of St. Andrews’ program. Well done, Judy (and Cliff)!


Living Water maintains a Prayer List of persons both in, and outside of, our congregation who are facing difficulties. The Prayer List is posted on a bulletin board at the back of the sanctuary, and is included in the Sunday bulletin on the first Sunday of the month. Members of the congregation are urged to keep these persons in their prayers. To have someone’s name placed on the Prayer List, simply give the name to Janet Smith. If you have placed someone’s name on the List, and there comes a time when the person’s circumstances have changed such that he or she no longer needs to be listed, kindly ask Janet to remove the name so that the List remains accurate. Thank you.

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